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It’s always difficult to make a list like this, I love all manner of films but some films touch the heart of this filmmaker right here. Films that inspire me to push forward as a Filmmaker. That set my goals straight every time I watch them. There are many more but these ones,these are at the top of my extensive list.


V FOR VENDETTA (2005) - Dir. James McTeigue

This is of course one of the more “commercial” films on the list but this one is more personal for me. This film literally pushed me to be a filmmaker. As soon as I watched it, I picked up a camera and made my first short film. There are some cool action sequences here but what makes this film stand out is that it is made up of ideas (you’ll get the joke when you watch it). Its message is clear and leaves you more human than when you first watch it, it’s beautifully directed with amazing performances and an amazing story that looks equally amazing.


MOTHER OF GEORGE (2013) – Dir. Andrew Dosunmu

What makes this film amazing for me is that it is an African film from an African director.It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to draw inspiration from a fellow African.To be able to study and analyze his work the same way we would do to great directors like Scorsese,Kubrick e.t.c… And there is so much to learn from this film,in terms of directing,blocking,cinematography,storytelling,editing,cinematography(did I already say that?) . A simple story with complex emotion and even more complex story telling… PS:- You will never see an African wedding filmed so gorgeously like in this film.


IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) - Dir. Wong Kar-wai

I just love compact films. They kind of give this low budget African filmmaker hope that even without amazing set pieces or over the top film making that art can still be created. This film is a classic example of art in film. You can watch this film without subtitles and still understand and most of all feel the emotion. It is a painting of visual elements and emotion coming together which transports you to an almost dreamlike state. This is one of those films that linger in your mind long after you are done. And once you read up on how this film was made you appreciate it even more.


PERSONA (1966) – Dir. Ingmar Bergman

Words cannot express just how poetic this film is. No film has embraced the notion of “every frame a painting” like this one. I remember originally watching it without subtitles, I just decided to skim through the film and see if it looked interesting but as I skipped I noticed that anywhere that I paused the film the image would speak volumes. EVERY TIME. I ended up watching it again with subtitles but found myself not needing them. This film proves that “show not tell” is crucial to film. Of course it’s not a film for everyone but I urge you to check it out still and follow the director's other works.


DRIVE (2011) - Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn

It's been branded as the art house version of “THE TRANSPORTER”.This film is really slow, dull, has less dialogue than most conventional films but it is extremely beautiful and perfectly edited. There is so much to learn about blocking and storytelling from this amazing director(I find him really weird but aren't most directors just weirdos with cameras?) Nothing original from the story but this is definitely a style over substance kind of film. Amazing performances from everyone and you can analyze this film in detail because everything is on purpose. And once you realize that everything is on purpose here,you relax and trust everything the director chooses to show you. Now that is the true mark of an amazing filmmaker and storyteller.



WOLF CHILDREN (2012) - Dir. Mamoru Hosoda

I had to throw in a bonus and for bonuses I don't give descriptions just trust me on this one.


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