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I don't understand what's happening but I love it!

For my 2017 I made up my mind to push for more Kenyan content to be watched. So every chance I get I have been and will continue to post something from other Kenyan media practitioners maybe a short, a trailer or maybe even just celebrate a person in the industry. So if you have or know of amazing Kenyan stuff that is readily accessible let's celebrate them together. Share it,post it, tag it... The hashtag is #HomeIsBest

When you first watch this,it will be so easy for you to brush this film off as another lame film making attempt and you will definitely judge it's cinematography,it's setting, the misplaced music but once you realize this guy just wanted to explore a different genre than what Kenyans are used to,THEN you begin to appreciate it. I think this filmmaker given the right resources and guidance can make something really good because the vision is there,the entertainment value is there it's the execution that once improved upon can be the beginning of an action film Director like a funny John Woo haha As usual watch it,like it if you want,share it regardless using #HomeIsBest. Lets talk Kenyan content.... Let's get people watching Kenya productions!

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