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The heart of the film is in the right place,the setting just isn't.

Watch it,like it if you want,share it regardless using #HomeIsBest. Lets talk Kenyan content.....

Now let me just say,if you're going to venture into such a genre you have to get the cinematography and production design just right.It's a genre most people are used to it "appearing" in a specific way. The sad fact about it is you either conform to what we are used to or you bring something totally different to the genre.That's where the film missed it's mark for me. The concept of the film is amazing but it is let down by the approach to it(like most of our Kenyan flicks,God help me change). I like the fact that you're adding heart to a zombie flick.That was so cool,reminded me of a game called THE LAST OF US and I liked the ending(wish there was a set up to it,felt like it came out of nowhere). You could see the vision of the Director and Writer as well but it didn't reflect fully.PS:- That moment when she's on the ground on her knees crying,oh that I liked a lot...Overall I love the heart of the film but I wish there was more to it. And is it just me or would it have been powerful if it was in swahili or another vernacular language (wachana na mimi,am weird)

And as a side note the guys who made this are called Movie Jabber,like their FB page and follow them.They are amazing and have some cool stuff on their youtube channel as well.I mean they are the guys behind NaiCon,that's reason enough to like them.

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