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My 5 go to YouTube Channels that inspire me as a Filmmaker.

With the age of the internet and how information is now readily available there's no reason to use lack of knowledge as an excuse for not advancing their film making skill set,.There are a number of information hubs to continuously turn to for information and one major one is YouTube. So I share my top YouTube channels that inspired me and shaped my perception towards film making...


Low budget,silly,hilarious and extremely unpredictable, this is a channel that I have subscribed to for years now. Since they put up their first ever episode I have been one of their biggest fans. I picked up a lot of my low budget skills from these guys.


The name of this channel became my motto. I jot it down on my script every time I have a shoot, pasted it on a wall in my house, and even had it as my phone's wallpaper. Every Frame a Painting is dedicated to the analysis of film form. Tony Zhou has only uploaded 28 videos on his channel but each is detailed and has information that I turn to over and over again every time I have a shoot.


With a calming voice, Lewis Bond goes into the depth of art potrayed through film and I have to admit he is the one who got me to research on director Yasujiro Ozu and who turned out to be one of my best film directors ever. Unfortunately Lewis was sued over copyright materials on his channel but gladly he bounced back and is now back into making videos.You can actually support him by donating to him.Simply go to and look up Lewis Bond and send him a donation.


Another guy whose essays are just so detailed and simply amazing. This is how he describes his channel "Now You See It explores film themes and tropes. It's like a college film analysis class minus the lecture halls, essay assignments, and student loan debts.".Need I say more...


Sareesh Sudhakaran is a filmmaker based in Mumbai, India and his channel offers the best workflows and tips for cinematographers and filmmakers. I love his analysis on various Cinematographers working now, and they are very inspiring. He goes beyond just cinematography and has videos on the technical side of filming too. You can also support him by going to and search for Wolfcrow,where you can donate to him.


Okay I lied but there are so many amazing channels that to fit them in a small list is difficult. I had to add this one to the list. I won't give any description about them just check them out...

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