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Part hilarious,part ridiculous.All authentic.

I remember someone sending me this trailer(and mind you they weren't even Kikuyu,poor bugger thought the Wainaina in my name meant I knew Kikuyu,he was mistaken). And the moment I was done watching it I had to watch it again because my laughter made me miss certain parts.I think this is one amazing trailer.About 5 years ago I missed watching this film at Alliance Francoise for 100bob because my Producer thought I was retarded to suggest we wrap shoot two hours early so we could all go catch the film.The performances feel relaxed,nuanced with the fact that the talent are performing in their comfort zone of vernacular. Sam Kihui is just amazing,infact the entire cast just fits perfectly.

I suggest you check out the catchy soundtrack for the film below, by Kamau na Njoroge-Man Njoro,which is equally hilarious

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