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Gets me every time!

This is one of the funniest shorts I have seen in Kenya.I was warned by my pals not to share anything from 48 hour film project because I would be accused of being biased based on the fact that I have participated in this event for 3 years but to be honest I just love this short. The Cinematography could have been more purposeful and there are times that it dragged for a bit but it doesn't matter. I still laugh when I watch it.... Hope you will too.

So for those who don't know, for my 2017 I have made up my mind to push for more Kenyan content to be watched. So every chance I get I will try to post something from other Kenyan media practitioners maybe a short, a trailer or maybe even just celebrate a person in the industry. So if you have or know of amazing Kenyan stuff that is readily accessible let's celebrate them together. Share it,post it, tag it... The hashtag is #HomeIsBest

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