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A piece of art that seeks to pay homage to it's source material but...

Incase you were not aware, TAHAMAKI was a famous show in Kenya that aired back in the early 90s, we grew up on it. We would rush home to watch another action packed episode. So now to see someone actually remake it,even as a fan made version, made me feel so nostalgic.

It's tricky to pay homage to something that instilled itself in peoples minds so much that the moment you hear it's soundtrack you are instantly transported to that time when we rushed home to catch an episode every week. And it gets even trickier when you try and do it in our modern times considering the setting it had(You know the Mo1 era no one talks about anymore). The effort is acknowledged, though when I saw "Tahamaki (fan made)" I thought of the action pieces and what not... So I have myself to blame there... There was a committed effort from the actors but I wish the script had more to offer them though. And the blooper reel at the end threw me off the experience.As usual watch it,like it if you want,share it regardless using #HomeIsBest. Lets talk Kenyan content....

So for my 2017 I made up my mind to push for more Kenyan content to be watched. So I have been and will continue to post something from other Kenyan media practitioners maybe a short, a trailer or maybe even just celebrate a person in the industry. So if you have or know of amazing Kenyan stuff that is readily accessible let's celebrate them together. Share it,post it, tag it... The hashtag is #HomeIsBest

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